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    18th April 2014 Good Friday (Holy Friday) closed
    20th April 2014 Easter Sunday open
    21st April 2014 Easter Monday closed
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  • MMBMuseums closed: 18. 04, 20. 04. and 21. 04. 2014 (10.4.2014)
    Museum of the City History - Old Town Hall, Period Rooms Museum - Apponyi House, Museum of Viticulture - Apponyi House, Museum of Arms - Michael’s Tower, Museum of Pharmacy - Pharmacy At the Red Crayfish, Museum of Clocks - House at the Good Shepherd, Arthur Fleischmann Museum, Johann Nepomuk Hummel Museum, Ancient Gerulata Rusovce closed:
    18th April 2014 Good Friday (Holy Friday)
    20th April 2014 Easter Sunday
    21st April 2014 Easter Monday
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  • Múzeum A. FleischmannaArthur Fleischmann Museum closed (30.10.2013)
    Due to technical reasons, Arthur Fleischmann Museum has been closed from October 31th 2013 until further notice.
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  • Múzeum dejín mestaMUSEM OF THE CITY HISTORY - OLD TOWN HALL (2.7.2011)
    City History Museum in the Old Town Hall is a presentation of the history of the people living in Bratislava within the context of the events that have shaped their lives from pre-history up to the present day.
    Primaciálne nám. 3
    +421 2 591 008 47
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  • Apponyi House - Museum of ViticultureMuseum of Viticulture / The Apponyi House (28.5.2008)
    Museum of Viticulture
    Apponyi House
    Radničná street 1
    +421 2 591 008 56
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Múzeum mesta Bratislavy
Radničná ul. č. 1
81518 Bratislava
Phone: +421 2 591 008 12
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