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Bratislava City Museum – established in 1868 – is the oldest museum in Slovakia in continuous operation. It was founded by an initiative of the Bratislava Embellishment Association and the Mayor of Bratislava – H. Justi. In 1923, the museum, as a part of the Scientific Institutes of the City of Bratislava, came under the administration of the municipal government. Since 1953, with the exception of 1959-1960 when it was a part of the Homeland Institute of the City of Bratislava, BratislavaCityMuseum has been an independent institution.

The activities of the museum are aimed at documenting and presenting the history of the city. The collections of an exceptional artistic and historical value represent the history of the city by way of archaeological findings, heritage of rich artisanal activities and industry, viticulture, cultural and social life, as well as ethnology, the history of pharmacy and numismatics. The focus of the museum is also represented by its individual exhibitions, some of them located in highly prized venues protected as heritage buildings.


Bratislava City Museum offers its visitors nine permanent displays, situated mainly in the historical old-town centre. Outside this area can be found the Natural Cultural Heritage Site, DevínCastle, and the AncientGerulataMuseum in Rusovce.


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Múzeum mesta Bratislavy
Radničná ul. č. 1
81518 Bratislava
Phone: +421 2 591 008 12
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