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MUSEUM of Arms, Michael´s Tower

Museum of Arms, Michael´s Tower
Michalská street 22
+421 2 544 330 44


Museum of Arms, Michal´s Tower

Open: daily except for Monday 

Tuesday - Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Saturday - Sunday 11 a.m. - 6 p. m.  


  • full entrance fee: 5,00 €   
  • reduced entrance fee (children 6-14, students, pensioners): 3,00 €   
  • family ticket (two adults and children under 14 years): 9,50 €
  • school groups: 1,50 €  per person, at least ten children
  • Bratislava Card:  0 €

Ticket is Valid for Museum of Pharmacy.

Museum of Arms, Michal´s Tower

The Museum is located in the original part of the Mediaeval municipal fortification in Michael’s Tower. Construction of the town fortifications began in the 13th century; by the end of the 14th century the town fortification system had three gates: Michalská, Laurinská and Vydrická; Rybárska Gate was added later. In the course of the15th century, the town’s outer line of defences was breached by Kozia Gate, the gate at Suché mýto (toll), and Schöndorfská, Špitálska and Dunajská gates. As military technology developed, the inner lines of the fortification system were extended by cannon bastions- Mäsiarska (Butcher’s), Obuvnícka (Shoe-maker’s), Pekárska (Baker’s) and Prašná Bastion. The fortification system lost its strategic significance in the 18th century and in 1775, to a project by F.A.Hildebrandt, the fortifications were gradually demolished. Michael’s Tower with its gate is the best-preserved part of the town fortification system in Bratislava. The original prism-like tower from the 14th century was enlarged by an octagonal extension in 1511-1517. The material used in its extension in the second half of the 16th century came also from St. Michael’s Church which was no longer needed. The tower gained its current appearance following its reconstruction in the Baroque style in 1758. The copper statue of the Archangel Michael with a dragon designed by P. Eller was installed on the top of the tower. The Gothic-style chain drawbridge was replaced by a Baroque one with statues of saints; the defensive walls with a fence leading from Michael’s Gate down to Prašná Bastion were incorporated into residential buildings on Zámočnícka street. The exhibition introduces visitors to the history of the town fortifications; various types of bladed weapons, military as well as tournament arms are displayed here and a separate section is devoted to the development of firearms. It also documents artisanal activities serving the defence of the town and familiarises visitors with the history of the producers of cannons and gunsmiths in Bratislava. The first well-known gunsmith in the town is mentioned in a document from 1414, producers of cannons in 1430, and in 1434 there was a workshop sited in the Town Hall where cannons were cast (moulded) which was later moved to a street in front of Michael’s Gate and provided services here from 1451 up to 1683. Records of the organisation of craftsmen into guilds originate from the 16th century; gunmaking as a craft reached its climax in the 18th century. Luxury hunting rifles, saddle guns and riding carbines were produced here. The exhibition also comprises the activity of members of the Association of Bratislava Sport Shooters, which is documented by prized archery and shooting targets The final part of the exhibition is dedicated to the Czech and Slovak resistance movements abroad in 1914-1918 and especially the activities of the legions operating in France, Italy, USA and Russia. The top floor gives onto the gallery of the tower with a view over the historical centre of Bratislava and its surroundings.

Responsible: Beáta Husová
Created / changed: 24.1.2012 / 24.1.2012


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